The typical gym can be an intimidating place. And while I (generally) believe doing something is better than nothing, I also believe that a LOT of time is WASTED in the gym by the average American. Shell out thirty bucks or so a month, do a couple curls, run a lap on the treadmill, maybe sit on a machine and move your arms around a little (not like you're sitting enough in daily life or anything...) Unsurprisingly, most of the people there look and feel the exact same way they did last year, and the year before that, and the year before that... Time and money are precious things -- I think that we can all agree that you should never waste them.

The human body is designed to jump, climb, pull, row, push, carry, press, sprint, squat, lift, and push. The human body is not designed to lay down on the floor and do 20 different abdominal exercises until you "feel the burn".

You will never see me instruct a client to balance on a Bosu ball, give me 100 crunches, or convince them that throwing up after a hard session is something to strive for. I focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY. I favor COMPOUND MOVEMENTS over ISOLATION MOVEMENTS. I have a straight-forward approach and aim to make every session stronger, faster, better, progressive. If you're not progressing, I'm not doing my job. (And yes, you ARE capable of doing pull-ups. And more than one.)

Millions of us already have some sort of dysfunctional ailment: Back ache, knee pain, tight hamstrings, hunched shoulders, flat feet... These ailments are usually the result of poor, repetitive movement habits. To change the way you stand, walk, lift, and sit can drastically reduce excessive pressure on the joints, increase muscular strength, and eliminate nagging aches and pains. As a trainer, I'm not only the fire under your butt to make you work, but I'm also the one who teaches you how to safely perform these natural movement patterns in daily life. Regardless of whether you hit the gym or not, you actually "exercise" everyday. You squat on the toliet, you lift objects over your head, you carry around things. It's vital that you know how to do these actions efficiently without wear and tear on the body, but still maximize your strength. When you're strong, healthy, and your body is working properly and optimally, everything else in life is just EASIER! (And you look better, too.)