Everybody loves to sleep, but nobody seems to be getting enough of it. Curiously, there's always something that seems to get in the way. You know, like those really important things in life... the hours spent on Facebook, the classic screaming matches of Desperate Housewives, maybe even those highly fascinating late-night infomercials (no, SERIOUSLY!) Did I get my point across?

"I can do just fine on five or six hours of sleep." You can also "do just fine" smoking a pack of cigarettes everyday, finishing off a bottle of scotch each night, and consuming your weight in cheeseburgers. Where is the logic here? You can "do just fine," but this isn't optimal. A good night's rest (8-9 hours) allows your cells to rejuvinate, gives your muscles time to recover, gives your digestive tract a break (have you realized most of us are CONSTANTLY eating?), lets your mind configure new information, and ultimately recharges your entire system for a ready-to-go attitude in the morning.

Nobody likes to make sacrifices; it's human nature. But recall that small sacrifices can sometimes lead to bigger gains elsewhere. Start recording your favorite television shows, turn the lights down sooner, and seriously, get off the damn Facebook! Going to sleep earlier does not make you any less of the hardworker that you are, and it definitely doesn't make you lazy. I promise you will be more productive, put more into your workouts, and won't even miss your perfectly unrealistic reality TV shows. You'll be thanking me later!

I'm not asking you to give up the occasional nights out (or nights in, if you know what I'm sayin'..), but for the majority of your life, please do yourself a favor, and get some well-deserved rest.